{SeniorJunior Costumes

Initial Correspondence

The customer provides us with all the reference material needed to properly showcase the costume that the customer would like commissioned. The more art the better, we will not be looking for additional reference material for the customer. The customer is also responsible for pointing out any crucial details they would like to ensure are included in the construction of the costume, as well as any material allergies or material choices you would like us to use.

After we receive the reference material, we will evaluate the best way to construct the costume and begin to pick out materials appropriate for the level of quality indicted by the customer. We will be in touch via e-mail with an itemized list of what will be included in the costume, and cost to have the garment(s) constructed. 

Denial of Commission Request

We reserve the right to deny a customer's request for a commission due to time constraints. We do not simply "throw things together", despite how "easy" a costume may seem. We intend to provide our customers with quality garments and this cannot be accomplished without enough time to spend on the costume.

Our ability to take your request is on a first come first serve basis. We only have so many slots available for each season, so your request may not be able to be accommodated if we have filled our slots for that season. You are welcome to submit your request again in the next season.

We also reserve the right to deny a customer's request for commission if we at SeniorJunior feel you will receive a better quality product from another commissioner. This is not a common occurrence, however, SeniorJunior Commissions are not equipped to build certain props or accessories. SeniorJuior will happily direct you to alternative commissioners to take your request.


Once the price is agreed upon we will send our measurement sheet  (in pdf form) and what sections need to be filled out to complete your order. We understand it is very extensive but we have a section of our site to assist you in completing the form. We cannot begin construction and patterning until we have received your measurements. We are not responsible for inaccuracies in your measurements that result in an ill fitting costume.


50% of the quoted price is required for us to begin work on the costume, we will not begin construction until the payment has cleared. And the final 50% is required at completion for us to ship the costume to you. We only accept PayPal.

In the event the final 50% is not received within 30 days of our notification email the costume will become property of SeniorJunior Commissions and is subject to resale. Those who do not pay for or pick up their garments on time are not subject to refund or discount.

Shipping/Pick up

All out of state items will be shipping via USPS Priority Mail at the customer's expense. The Priority Mail shipping fee is included in the commission price. An extra charge will be added if the customer requests a faster shipping option.


Custom items cannot be returned.  Unused retail items such as shoes, jewelry, etc. can be exchanged if the size or color is wrong.  Items such as these must be returned in the same condition they were purchased in.  Personal items such as pantyhose, undergarments etc. cannot be returned.  We will, however, make exceptions for the following:

  • DAMAGED RETAIL ITEMS: If a retail item arrives damaged, you are entitled to a refund or exchange.
  • DAMAGED/INCOMPLETE CUSTOM ITEMS: If a costume item is damaged or incomplete due to negligence on the part of SeniorJunior Commissions, we'll be more than happy to repair or replace the item in question.
  • ITEM CLAIMS: Any claims requiring repair or replacement of an item(s) must be made within 24 hours of receiving your item(s).  The item(s) in question must be shipped within 72 hours of receiving a shipping label from us.  Any claims or shipments not made within the above time frames are not eligible for complimentary repairs or replacement and will be subject to regular charges.