Costumes Costumes Pyramid Head Included skirt, helmet and great Knife 124377107 Zuko Beach Outfit Included gi and pants 124377108 Hitsugaya Uniform Included hakama, gi and hayori. 124377109 Matt and Mello Mello inluded: Quilted vest, pleather pants, pleather hooded trench coat with feather trim, rosary, gloves and belt buckle. Matt included: Vest, ribbed jeans 124377111 Alessa Gillespie Included: Jumper, shirt, belt, stockings. 124377112 Sailor Fukus Inluded: Skirt, bows, chest armor, collar, gloves, and choker. 124377739 Princess Bubblegum Included: Dress, sash with bow, and crown 124377740 Miria Harvent Included: Dress and gloves 124377741 Kusuriuri (Medicine Seller) Included: Hand painted kimono, jewelry, collapsible obi, pants, leg wraps, head wrap, dreaded wig, custom geta. 124377742 Lady Gaga Included: Headband, vinyl bikini, gloves. 124377743